Adela Lo

Fashion creative based in Madrid.

Currently works as a freelance in the fields of visual communication and branding, specially in areas related to fashion, although not exclusively. 


Vol.1 Entrevistas

It’s a book that serves as a starting point for the capsule collection Sample.tfe. 
It collects 10 different interviews to people from 20 to 30 years old about their relationship with their garments and fashion.
Serves as a target and context recopilation that gives us an idea of how we behave around clothing.

Language: Spanish

Interviews: Alice Ventre, Paolo Notarnicola, Nicolò Santarelli, Nerea Manzano, Moisés Sanmartín, Lucas Mundi, Ana Alborés, Pablo Jiménez, Bienvenido Tingyi Chen, Iria Murado.

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