Adela Lo

Fashion creative based in Madrid.

Currently works as a freelance in the fields of visual communication and branding, specially in areas related to fashion, although not exclusively. 



Sample.tfe is a capsule collection of 7 archetyped looks. The project is based on an investigation compiled in Vol.1 Entrevistas, where different testimonies talk about our established relationships with our garments in relation with our generation and context.

A sample is a small part taken from something that already exists, but at the same time it is an example of how something could be.
A prototype.

During the development of this project, I’ve worked “sampling” the garments who had an special meaning in my life and those who are part of Vol.1 Entrevistas, extracting shapes and ideas
to construct a common ideology of our surrounding context through these clothes.

Photography: Mar Suárez
Models: Lois Búa, Charlotte Ruiz