Adela Lo

Fashion creative based in Madrid.

Currently works as a freelance in the fields of visual communication and branding, specially in areas related to fashion, although not exclusively. 


2020 Magazine

2020* is the first issue of an annual guide that compilates 12 different visions about how the year is gonna be. Taking the idea from the fashion calendar, 12 authors from different branches present their vision about the ideas, images and trends for 2020 that have been developed the year before. It is an exercise about the immediate future from 12 different perspectives, one for each month. Every year, the magazine will be presented in a completely different way, adapting each publication to the moment we’re living and covering a whole decade, from 2020 to 2029.

Language: English
ISSN: 2695-6926

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Set Design for Slam Jam’s Editorial.
“Sui-Bram. Your cult Suicoke designs with the cutting-edge Vibram sole technology”.

Photography: Geray Mena
Stylist: Paty Abrahamsson
Set Designer: Adela Lo
Hair and Make Up: Vicent Guijarro
Model: Victoria Elaya
Model: Li Wamu
Creative Production: Andrea Lazarov
Photo Assistant: Borja Llobregat
Styling Assistant: Miriam Sanz
Assistant on Set: Lua Oliver

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Paloma Wool

Art Direction and set design for Paloma Wool’s still life series featuring Geray Mena during this year’s quarentine.
“Everything but food was hard to find these days. We could only go out for food. The theme was clear. It was all about food. When everything is messed up, and we got nowhere to go, food is always there to remind us we can still relax”.

Photography: Geray Mena
AD and Set Design: Adela Lo

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Sample.tfe is a capsule collection of 7 archetyped looks. The project is based on an investigation compiled in Vol.1 Entrevistas, where different testimonies talk about our established relationships with our garments in relation with our generation and context.

A sample is a small part taken from something that already exists, but at the same time it is an example of how something could be.
A prototype.

During the development of this project, I’ve worked “sampling” the garments who had an special meaning in my life and those who are part of Vol.1 Entrevistas, extracting shapes and ideas
to construct a common ideology of our surrounding context through these clothes.

Photography: Mar Suárez
Models: Lois Búa, Charlotte Ruiz

Vol.1 Entrevistas

It’s a book that serves as a starting point for the capsule collection Sample.tfe. 
It collects 10 different interviews to people from 20 to 30 years old about their relationship with their garments and fashion.
Serves as a target and context recopilation that gives us an idea of how we behave around clothing.

Language: Spanish

Interviews: Alice Ventre, Paolo Notarnicola, Nicolò Santarelli, Nerea Manzano, Moisés Sanmartín, Lucas Mundi, Ana Alborés, Pablo Jiménez, Bienvenido Tingyi Chen, Iria Murado.

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